About Gustav Friis

Born in Århus, 1980. Graduated with a Master's Degree in Urban Planning and Management Engineering at the University of Aalborg in 2006. Spent four months at the University of Sheffield, England in 2005. Worked as a student worker at the research project Town, Road and Landscape at the University of Aalborg from 2003 to 2005.


Project Manager at the City of Aalborg since August 2006. Primarily working with international projects on Sustainable Transport. Read more about this in the Work section.

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North Jutland Planners


Danish Society of Engineers




In March 2008 elected as member of the board of North Jutland Planners!


North Jutland Planners is a technical interest group within IDA. See the group's homepage here.






The Danish Society of Engineers, IDA, is a modern professional association for engineers and other specialist groups working within engineering and technology – at IDA, we call them technical knowledge workers. IDA has approximately 61,000 members. (from www.ida.dk)





Starting up the student organisation PEAS - 'Planning and Environmental Association of Students' in 2004. President for the board from 2004 to September 2005.(http://peas.plan.aau.dk)





Since 2003 member of The Danish Association of Planners (FAB) (http://www.fabnet.dk)






Since 2006 member of NYP, the Danish Network of Young Planners. (http://www.nyp.dk)


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