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Born in Århus, 1980. Graduated with a Master's Degree in Urban Planning and Management Engineering at the University of Aalborg in 2006. Spent four months at the University of Sheffield, England in 2005. Worked as a student worker at the research project Town, Road and Landscape at the University of Aalborg from 2003 to 2005.


Project Manager at the City of Aalborg since August 2006. Primarily working with international projects on Sustainable Transport. Read more about this in the Work section.

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In August 2006 I was employed by the City of Aalborg as Project Manager for International Projects. Since I am employed in the section of Traffic and Roads the projects are mostly transport related - sustainable transport in particular.


I am located directly beyond the City Chief Engineer but also have references to the other heads of sections within the section of Traffic and Roads.


Since January 2007 I have been in charge of the homepage of the section of Traffic and Roads and work also as communication assistent the same place. This includes being a part of the communication group within the Technical and Environmental Department. 


As part of the MIDAS project I worked as co-ordinator on the facelifting of http://www.aalborg-trafikinfo.dk and the creation of http://AtilBnu.dk in the same design. The web-pages were launched the 31st of August 2007.



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In the period June 2003 to December 2005 I was employed by 'Town, Road and Landscape' a Aalborg University based research project. Project Coordinator was Henrik Harder Hovgesen and I also worked with Thomas S. Nielsen from The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, formerly Ph.d. student at Aalborg University.


My work included keeping the project webpage updated as well as conducting spatial analyses using GIS. In the summer 2004, along with two fellow students at that time, Jens Bay (now COWI) and Lotte Yde Astorp (now Municipality of Silkeborg), I wrote a paper describing how to collect spatial information and categorize it.


Furthermore I developed a method for calculating the length of the motorway stretches faced by appointed development areas measured in a corridor 300 meters from the motorway. (http://www.bvl.aau.dk)


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